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Skeleton Series
Item No.:SK001
Ancient Culture Series
Iten No.: AC006
Moutains Series
Item No.:MY012
Combination Series
Item No.:CS007
Ancient Culture Series
Iten No.: AC004S
Combination Series 
Item No.: CS016
Background Series
Item No.:BG001
Moutains Series
Item No.:MY014
Combination Series
Item No.: CS010
Wreckage Series
Item No.: WP001
Moutains Series
Item No.:MB002
Tree Stump Series
Item No.:TR032
About Us 关于我们
     Yi Sheng Craft Products Manufactory is specialized in Water Cluster decoration products with strong development group. The products are exported to Europe, USA, East Asia and other countries. Our factory has a number of experienced technical staff with creative spirit,we can make customer design and develop new products.We have good credit,highly working efficiency,and perfect service, so we built long-term friendly relationship With our every customer. Our purpose is quality assurance and reputation first, we sincerely look forward to make good cooperation with you.
     艺盛工艺厂是一家以设计、开发、生产于一体的专业水簇装饰工艺制品厂。产品远销欧美东亚等国家。 工厂拥有一批具丰富管理经验的技术人员,充满创造力,能自行研发设计的专业团队。我们凭借良好的信用,优秀的服务质量,高效的办事效率及自身具备、丰富的专业知识,为每一位客户服务,建立长期友好的合作关系。 质量保证、信誉第一是我们厂的宗旨,真诚期待与你的合作。
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